Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Obamas School Speech

Today the Bamster gave his speech to America's school children. It was different from The Dear Leader speech he had hoped to give, after all the complaints over the long weekend. It's good that the American people are starting to let this Marxist Ideologue know that they are on to him.
Of course he being the person he is tried to make himself sound almost conservative but if you listened and understood what he was saying it turns out he lied. Another trait he has and uses.
Obama does not beleive in taking personal responsability,that's obvious.
Nor does he want all the children to grow up and be responsable citizens. This goes against everything he and his ilk stand for and beleive. He wants an omnipresent nanny state with as many people dependent on it as possible.
I think we all remember what The Rev. Jessie Jackson said when Barry stated as much during the elections. Jackson wanted to neuter him. Yup Old Jessie Jackson must of come close to a coronary. The Bamster sounded like he wanted to kill Jessie's cash cow. Tell people they can make it through life without help from the left...Imagine...
So in the end this little speech got watered down and he didn't get to ask what the children could do for The Dear Leader. A pity really. I would of enjoyed hearing the American people call for his impeachment...maybe next time.

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