Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Mark Levin Radio Show

I had always been part of the silent majority up until The Messiah was nominated for President by the Democrats. I researched his history and found it terrifying that Americans would back a Marxist Ideologue for President.
I was also stunned at the depth of infatuation the main stream media had with him and how they just out and out lied,ignored and used their power to keep people in the dark about the man.
I have been listening to Rush Limbaugh shine the light of truth for years and am a better person for it but just listening to Rush was not enough. Knowing in my heart what was coming down the road I wanted more education and knowledge. I searched and found Mark Levin. The first time I listened to him I thought he was a maniac, I had tuned in late in the show and he was in the process of ripping up a couple of lib callers. Although I thought it was funny I didn't think he was a serious talk show host.
A couple days later and more research into the man I went back to his show and listened to the whole thing and a small spark was ignited in me.
I found a source of knowledge for the Constitution and conservative values I had been missing for years.
In the last year Mark has had many great shows and last night 10-16-09 was one of them.
You might be asking yourself where this is going? It's just my thought of the day really and I hope anyone who reads it will look up The Mark Levin show and get a real education and enjoy his show.

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