Friday, August 28, 2009

Bill Will Give White House Control Over Internet

From CNET News.

The Leftists are trying to grab control of the Internet. Click on the link ABOVE.


  1. Why are you limiting this to just the internet? Heck just say what we all know is happening. They are trying to throw out the Constitution. These are scary times, my friend. Let's just put it out there bluntly, and for libs that say, well the internet wasn't invented at the time of the Constitutional Convention, well, all the internet really is is the new version of paper.

  2. Bill of course your right about that. They are trying to grab as much power as they can. And being who they are means they will never have enough to be satified.
    If you saw the Glenn Beck show this past week the infrastructure is being put in place.
    All we can hope for is we have still have election next year.