Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Passing Of A Liberal Lion

A few words on the passing of Senator Ted Kennedy.

I was born and raised in Lowell Massachusetts. My family die hard Dems except for me.The family thought the Kennedy's were American Royalty.
I look at the Kennedy family in a down to earth way.
The father made his money bootlegging and buying politicians. Buying political favours out in Illinois so that his son could become President. JFK and brother Robert go after the people that got them into office and JFK gets killed. ( Or so the theory goes ). Then Robert dies at the hands of a Palistinian.
Up steps Ted to take the family political helm. He leads the life of a frat boy up until he drove his car into the Chapaquitic killing a young lady in the proccess. He gets 2 months in prison the judge suspends the sentence.
He spends his early years in the Senate insulting American troops fighting and making the ultimate sacrifice in a Southeast Asian mudhole that his late brother had helped escalate into a full blown war all the while womanizing and boozing. He tried to cut a deal with the Russians during the Reagan years. He tried to slander a Supreme Court Nominee accusing the man of being an evil Fascist. He also tried to make good with the Chicago Political Machine for his brothers misteps by using political clout and naming Obama the new Black Kennedy throwing The Clintons under the bus in the process. ( The Clintons spent alot of time on Marthas Vinyard also. )
He had the Massachusetts Legislature change the law on house replacement incase Kerry ( Who served in Veitnam by the way ) became President and just before his passing he had a letter written wanting to have the law reversed, he wanted someone for the vote on Obamacare because he knew his time was short. Over forty years in the Senate, Senator Ted Kennedy had his name on at least three hundred pieces of legislation.( Another solid reason for term limits ) Meals On Wheels,No Child Left Behind,Medicare Seniors Drug Benifits. to name a few.
In my eyes and way of thinking the man was a solid Socialist/ Marxist. I cannot say I will miss him like others will.


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