Sunday, August 23, 2009

National Healthcare

Some of the Founding Fathers of America wrote articles debating what kind of powers the Constitution bestowed on the government. These where called the Federalist Papers.

While some people today insist the government by dint of the "General Welfare" clause in the Constitution can impose National Healthcare other people say that the Constitution does not cover such a system and of course it does not. Please read the excellent article by The Heritage Foundation on Facebook

Today the Democrat Party led by Barack H. Obama is trying to force Nationalized Healthcare on the American People regardless that a majority of the people do not want it.
Driven by Idealogical beliefs and a blatant lust for government control over all aspects of American Society Obama and his minions are trying to seize control of yet another facet of the American economy and by that even more control over the individual American.
The Founding Fathers had lived through the kind of government that did not care about the opinions of the common people and ruled by decree. When you have a President that comes before you and states that. We will have National Healthcare no matter what. All Americans need to raise thier voices in protest against the destruction of individual freedom and rights which the current administration is so intent on taking away.

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