Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Islamonazi Yabadabadoo Speaking At The UN

Today we had the opportunity to see this waste of human flesh speak at the United Nations. I'm happy I had to work today. But the real reason for this post is that this whack job and his pals running Iran are really serious about what they plan on doing when they have nukes next year. They have been saying it for a number of years now and I as a private citizen have no reason not to take them at their word. By the way the Israelis are taking them serious also. As most of us know seventy years ago they didn't believe a person running a country who said he had their annihilation on his mind.
Barry O has really showed this week that he really is looking to be a Nobel Peace Prize winner. Unfortunately he seems to be doing it in a very dangerous way. Empowering Yabadabadoo and his ilk is not the way to do it. Who am I to be a judge of the ways and methods of the smartest administration in American history?  Well I have been around for awhile and have seen alot of stuff happen in my lifetime and I do enjoy reading history. When you put life experience and a knowledge of history together you really can see things clearly even if you didn't go to Harvard.
Who is to say that the Radical Islamists running Iran will not wipe Israel off the map with nukes?
What would the response of the smartest administration in American history be? Would Barry run off to the UN and ask for a condemnation for this act of mass murder? Would he ask the UN to levy sanctions on Iran? One thing is clear only after eight months of having Barry around. He can say he wants this and that from Americans he can bully corporations and I'm sure he was good at shaking down bank presidents when he worked for ACORN but I get the feeling that he is going to be a gutless wonder in dealing with the big boys on the world stage.

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