Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The UN Circus

Well this is one for the record books. The President of the World Barry O has made a real big splash with the other nutbags of the world today by describing what the world will look like if we don't all pitch in and stop global warming. I swear I read that same description in a bad sci-fi novel once. I wonder who he plagiarized. You know he was in his element today speaking to other people who hate the United States. I am a loyal and patriotic American who loves this nation and it sends me into a fit to hear this ACORN jackoff cut this nation and it's people down. This President of the world can't get me down though. I beleive in American Exceptionalism,The Constitution and The Bill Of Rights, every thing he hates by the way.

Then I hear the man that ordered the Pan Am downing speak....WHAT IS HE DOING IN MY COUNTRY!!! I didn't invite this phycotic fool. Tonight The Islamonazi from Iran is speaking. Barry O pretty much legitimized his government today even though it killed a large number of people protesting against fraudulent elections. The Party never stops at the UN.
This is the kind of thing that we have to expect when a person of Barry O's caliber is elected to the most powerful office in the world. I keep hearing people say elections have consequenses. Lets not make the same mistake a second time my fellow Americans. Vote this Marxist and the rest of his troup out of office.
I apologize to the two people that read this blog for my foul language. I really had to get that off my chest.

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