Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Liberal Race Card

Having grown up in the State of Massachusetts I never really got to see alot of racism. Some desegregation riots in Southie on television was the extent. My parents didn't dwell on such things at least not in front of the children and never encouraged us to think in that manner.
My first experiances with it was when I entered into Military Service. Most people I met in the military where average people doing their service for whatever reason that drove them. Being a soldier at the tender age of seventeen I was amazed that the military drew people with prejudice beliefs.I found out in short order that there were White Racists,Black Racists,Hispanic Racists and Asian Racists. When I left The Service I went about life like most other people,working,paying taxs,raising a family that kind of thing. My wife and I never tought our children to hate other races as a matter of fact as the children got older my house became something of a small United Nations stop over. I have to admit I did get a chuckle out of B. Clinton claiming to be the first Black President.
But the point I'm getting at is I think that racism is either ingrained in people at a young age by older racists or it might be some deep seated ignorance.Either way it does not affect the majority of the people on this planet.
When I hear or read about some sexually frustrated middle aged white elitist spouting off that all white non-elitists are racist or when the morons at MSNBC work themselves into a frenzy over racism,even Newsweek Magazine publishing an article that babies are born racist and then you have the Marxists in the government doing the same thing the only thing they are doing is empowrering people like members of the KKK, Rev. Wright,Van Jones to name a few examples to act out on their ignorant beleifs.
So in conclusion. The people and organizations I mentioned above are the ones responsable for any kind of backlash their race-baiting garners.
But then again this is my opinion I might be wrong.

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