Thursday, September 17, 2009

Madame Speaker

Madame Speaker tried to turn on the tears today but all that botox and stretching probably closed the tear ducts.
This woman is the most hypocritical person to hold that position in years.
I don't beleive she would be unfeeling with her immediate family but I do beleive she is one of the most ugly minded individuals I've ever seen and heard all in the name of ideology.
That spectecal today was a lame attempt at drumming up emmotions for who knows what. As a matter of fact I think the pressure is getting to her. She knows next year alot of her pals are going to end up on the political rubbish heap and she knows that she will be sacificing a few in the name of ideology
No normal hard working American would want anything to happen to the President even if his policies are crap. We just buck up and vote his ignorant ass out of office plain and simple. Just like we will be doing next year with the shlubs in the House.


  1. But what pressure? They have everything they could ever want. A solid majority and a radical who wants Pelosi's agenda and more, and they come across as the most miserable and unhappy people. I am convinced until freedom is gone, they arne't going to be happy. It's the supreme rule they want, but that means people like Pelosi will eventually be purged.

  2. I was thinking about the pressure from the American people but after about twenty four hours of thinking about it ( I know I was dreaming of politics ) She couldn't care less about the American people. I see where I went wrong on my line of thought.That little choke up could be her way of laying the ground work for setting the blame on say Hannity or Levin if some people resort to violence against their Marxist agenda.
    People like Pelosi never think that they would be purged. They think it will be the other guy right up to the last minute ask Bulganin....I guess that's out of the question.