Monday, September 14, 2009

Raceism Liberal Style

Today we are thinking about all those bigots that marched on Washington this past weekend. It was awsome.
Over the weekend and into Monday Liberal commentators must of ran out of ways to spin the 9/12er's. Or was it the crowd was to big to ingnore?
The state run media managed to ignore them just fine but something tweaked the libs. Tweaked them so bad they had to fall back on one of thier favorite cards -RACE BAITING-.
All those people had to be out in the streets of Washington because The Mesiah is you know.....BiRacial....Not that they could be protesting against Cap and Tax, Obamacare,or a dozen other things that the leftists are trying to overwhelm the system with. Nope they where out because The President of America is not a pasty white boy.
I am sick and tired of Liberals who just don't get it. You have used that crap so often that the only thing you manage to do is piss people off. You don't even make people huddle in corners in the fetal position over it anymore...well most people anyway.There's always some lib that will do that on instinct.
You may ask what this diatrab is all about. Well it is about the leftists that call millions of Americans Nazi,Racist,Right Wing nutjobs.something dark and sinister,whatever they can think of to try and get Americans to shrink away from issues that they the libs can't defend with logic so they switch to name calling.....What a bunch of Brainiacs.


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