Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Shining The Light Of Truth

I look at a fair number of news sites and blogs. The list below is just a few of them.

American Thinker
Hot Air
Red State
Bungalow Bill
Conservative Heritage Times
Freedom Eden
Musings of a Vast Right-Winger
The Underground Conservative
WesternFront America

Not on one of those sites have I found in dozens and dozens of news articles and stories any hint of Raceism.Plenty of articles of how the Libs keep screaming that conservatives are cross burning, sheet wearing,beer drinking ( I prefer Captain Morgan when I do imbibe spirits ),gun fondling,bible thumping goose steppers.
Well that begs the question Where is the evidence? hhmmm.
Nope there is none.
Now if you have listened to the back and forth between Barbara Boxer and Harry Alford the President and CEO of the BCC,The ex-president Jimmie Carter, Maxine Waters and a slew of morons on MSNBC. Those are some of the real raceists that wonder the earth.
The above mentioned conservative sites are dedicated to one noble purpose and that is Shinning The Light Of Truth.

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