Wednesday, September 16, 2009

National Right To Work

Incoming AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka's Ugly History of Violence and Corruption

Today, Richard Trumka will become president of the nation’s largest union umbrella organization. Trumka has spent decades working his way up the ladder in the AFL-CIO, first as the top boss of the radical United Mine Workers (UMW) union and then as the AFL-CIO’s Secretary-Treasurer for the last decade.

Unbelievably, despite an extreme record of violence and corruption, Trumka is running unopposed for the position, suggesting that Big Labor is about to begin a new era of forced-unionism extremism.

A look at Trumka’s dark history reveals what Americans can expect from the new union boss in chief.

Take the murder of Eddie York, a nonunion contractor, who was shot in the back of the head and killed while leaving a worksite in 1993. Trumka and other UMW officials were charged in a $27 million wrongful death suit by Eddie York’s widow. After fighting the suit intensely for four years, UMW lawyers settled suddenly in 1997 -- just two days after the judge in the case ruled evidence in the criminal trial would be admitted.

Read more about Trumka's history of condoning union violence and corruption in the Foundation's eye-opening Fact Sheet.

Right to Work President Mark Mix Appears on Fox and Friends

National Right to Work president Mark Mix appeared on Fox and Friends earlier this week to discuss some disturbing details in the ObamaCare proposals. A careful analysis by Right to Work experts revealed the legislation is a Trojan Horse for forced unionization of the health care field.

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